Tuesday 1 September 2009

Question of the Week #7 - Life and Death

Sorry we are a day late this week. But it is better to be late then not at all I guess.

So this evening at our local book study the subject of death came up. We talked briefly about people having the ability to make our death something meaningful to us and also to choose how we die. A great example of some one decide how to day comes in the epic poem Beowulf where the king goes to face a dragon at the end and tells his men that they are not to get involved and that he would die in this fight. He decide to step up and face his death in a noble fashion defending his people. Have we lost this option in the modern world?

As we get older now a days we might move in to a Seniors Care Home. From there we might move on to a Nursing home, and then on to a Palliative Care. No where along the line do we get a much say in what happens to us. Even in death the options are take away from us Euthanasia is illegal in most of the modern world.

As a pagan how do you feel about it? Should we have more control? Should we take more control over the last part of our life? If as pagans we believe in Reincarnation should maybe Euthanasia not be an option for us since we believe that we will just come back again for another life. Is it to easy of an out for us?

Lots of things to consider on the subject of Euthanasia when it comes to religion and beliefs. Bat the subject around and see how you feel about it. Would you feel the same way if it wasn't a choice being made for you by you but a choice being made by a loved one for themselves.

Enjoy the question and I look forward to reading the answers.


Isabella LeCour said...
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Isabella LeCour said...
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