Tuesday 25 August 2009

We have a Theme

So for the next couple of days this blog has a special theme. This coming Thursday morning I am going in for a Vasectomy I know how fun and how exciting. The other day I was sendnig out a twitter on my cell phone as my wife and I drove home from some shopping. She commented that I always seem to be doing that. Being the smart ass that I am I told her to just wait until Thursday when I send out the Twitter that reads

"They are inserting the needle into my ball sack"

I think we nearly hit something at that point! She didn't think I would do it, and dared me too. So well He I am telling the world that I have taken her dare and that I now plan to be sharing the whole experience on my blog and Twitter. So I wanted to give you all fair warning that the next couple of days could include subject matter that might offend some or make guys cringe. Also please rest assured that they line has been drawn at Photos and Video.

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WyzWmn© said...


my brother was told not to lift anything heavy for a couple of days - but cos everything was frozen and he felt so good - he rearranged the great big store room in the store he owns...

2 days later I spoke to him and he said that he was fine expect his "nuts were navy blue and the size of a football..and that he'd been sitting on a bag of ice for 2 days:...

somehow much more humorous to hear as a woman than a man :)

all kidding what they tell you for your recovery!