Wednesday 5 August 2009

Julie / Julia

So I just got home from a special showing of the new movie Julie / Julia. It was one of the most amazing movie, or two movies I have ever seen. You easily could have taken either of the story paths and turned it in to its own story.

The basic premise of the story is that a woman name Julie has given up on her dreams of being a writer and now works in a call center where she deals with victims of 9/11 and the people who want to talk about what they are doing with the space. It is a job which for the most part she hates. No simliarities to me there, I haven't given up my dreams of writing. All of her friends have successful careers, one of which even blogs about it. With encouragement from her husband she starts her own blog. Her plan to cook every recipie in Julia Child's Famous cookbook and to blog about the experience.

Through out the story they show clips from Julia's childs own experience in publishing and the struggle she faced in getting to both take cooking lessons and than later to book a published author of a cookbook. Meryl Streep plays a wonderful Julia Child who towers over the rest of the cast.

If you like cooking go see this movie.

If you blog, then go see this movie.

If you enjoy a heartfelt movie based on a couple of true stories,
then go see this movie.

If you like action/adventure with gun fire and explosions
well GI JOE comes out on Friday.

As I watched the movie and saw the apparent daily blogs and posts about what she was working on and how she felt going through the experience. Me lately I've been having a hard time just keeping up with QotW and not to mention my commitment to Carpe Arcanum. I kind of left the movie feeling a little dirty because of it, maybe lacking in some way. it was kind of a big kick in the ass to get writing and focus on it as much as possible. Certainly something I want to pick up a copy of so when I am feeling down on writing I can watch it again.


M.Brayfield said...

My writing is all kinds of off track right now. But I loved this book, so I'll most likely see the movie.

lunarbovine said...

Excellent review, Cliff! We'll definitely go see it based on your recommendation.

Randilin said...

Thanks. I hope you both enjoy the movie as much as I did