Monday 27 July 2009

Question of the Week - Question # 2

Thanks to the people who took the time to answer and comment on the first of the new Question's of the Week. Please be sure post your answers to your own blogs and link back so others can find out about Question of the Week and join in the discussions and comments. As always the more that take part the more we can all learn about each other and in turn about ourselves.

Ideas for questions come from all sorts of strange and wonderful sources. If I know what they are I will try and share them just for interest sake. This weeks question comes in part from two seperate books. The first is being read as part of a local Book Study my wife and I are taking part in and the second is a fiction book. When I continued to see the references to virtues popping up I knew that they had to be included in a up coming question of the week.

So a comment is made by one of the characters "Before we can become virtuous, we must first know what virtue is." in Against the Tide of Years. The character is from the 20th century and is discussing the concept of virtue with a priest in 1240's BC. They both have very different ideas on just what is virtuous and why. In a lot of ways modern day pagans might just have some of the same difference as these two characters did from the general population. Our moral code is different, the pressures of religion is very different, even our general outlook on life can be very different from those around us.

The book the Other Side of Virtue goes in to this at length in place and brings up a number of possible ideals of virtue. It leaves the reader to think through and work through their own idea of just what is virtuous and what is a virtue. That is my question to all of you 'What do you consider to be Virtuous?' and 'Why is it Virtuous?'

This question can go alot of different ways so feel free to explore it, work with it and let the question take you where it needs too.

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