Monday 20 July 2009

Question of the Week - Question # 1

So for a number of years I've been posted a weekly question to an E-mail group that I help moderate. I stopped a number of months ago when the answers seemed to stop coming. No one apparently noticed or at least no one has commented on it absence to me so I've just never bothered to start it back up again. The reality was I think the idea had run its course with that particular group. Lately I've been missing that push and pull of questions and ideas so I've decided to restart them here in blog form and invite my fellow bloggers to answer them in there own blog. Be sure to comment so we can all track and visit the answers and comment on one anothers answers. You can look for a new Question of the Week every Monday.

With any of these questions there will never be a right or wrong answer. The idea behind them is to look deeper in to your beliefs and try an expand on our understanding of your faith. By posting the answer to your blog you making yourself put our ideas in to words and giving them that much more power. Also one of your readers might just find some much needed wisdom in them. I'll try and keep all of the questions as generic as possible so that they can be answered by as many different paths as possible. If however a question does come out as specific to a certain path just try and think of it in terms of your own path as best as possible. So lets get down to business and get on to the first question.

Question of the Week #1

Pagan and NeoPagan are great big catch phrases that covers a wide array of religions and beliefs, in much the same way the word Christianity has become something of a catch phrase. In order to understand your own path better it can be helpful to define and put it in to words. Wicca, Gardenarian, Alexandrian, Shamanic, Teutonic, Heathen, Witch, are just a few examples of terms some people use. Of course you're never tied to term for longer then you want to be and many people practice a mixture of the paths. How do you define and describe the path you are on?


WingsofWax said...

Post made.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I am an Eclectic Witch--controversial, I know. I just don't agree with some of the things certain paths support and like others. Someone once told me that I just wasn't disciplined enough to choose a follow rules, I disagree and told them that I just have a lot of space in my heart that can be filled with with beauty from different sources.