Friday 17 July 2009

July Insanity

July is an insane month in my universe. The month kicks off with Canada Day and then quickly moves on to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Then Monday after the 4 day music festival our billet arrives. You see my wife and I host a performer in our home for the 2 weeks of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, which starts on the Wednesday following the FolkFest.

All in all it is just a whole lot of rushing from place to place and trying to cram as much into the month as possible. We go from great music to Wonderful plays and shows. The down side of course is that a fair amount gets pushed to the side along the way because there are only 24 hours in a day and 31 days in the month. As always I try to post as often as possible.

I'm also please to announce that I have set up a seperate blog for Weightlose and beginning a healthier lifestyle. It is still in the process of setting up but please feel free to chat it out and join in our journey to a better life.

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