Wednesday 1 April 2009

Plurk vs Twitter just left me Bitter

So I've recently started to explore the exciting would of Its like twitter accept that is much more interactive then Twitter is. It basically works like a timeline of your life, and those of your friends. You post what your doing, what your thinking, feeling and whatever else you want to share including links, videos and pictures.

You might be wondering why plurk is winning out over twitter in my opinion. With Twitter I post something but no one can really comment on it, all they can really do is twit a reply of their own which I might or might not see. The @Randilin system of replies and seperates all of the different users and limits the interaction of the users. With Plurk it is completely different, I post a plurk and people can comments and discuss what I've shared if they want to. It promotes a sense of interaction, and inter-connectivity. I think that because of the level of interaction it will prevent things like the Ghost-Twitters that are popping on Twitter.

So if you haven't checked out plurk swing by and check it out, sign up for it and be sure to friend me.

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