Sunday 18 January 2009

Presidental Change

I spent the better part of Saturday with the television tuned to CNN watching the Obama Express train. Everyone kept talking about what was happening next with Obama and how this was such a big day for him and his family. As facinated as I was by the whole scene I kept wondering just what was going through Bush's mind at this time.

Here is a guy who will likely be viewed as one of the worst Presidents since Nixon in his last days of office. He and his family have been moved out of the White House and there personal effects are being packed up. They get to enjoy one last weekend out at Camp David while all of that is going on.

Saddly this is the one question that we will never have the answer too. Anything Bush says at this point will be so filtered by press agents that will be a pale comparision of any real thought that might of gone through his head.

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