Wednesday 14 January 2009

Cold *Warning bitching content*

For those of you who might of woken up this morning and looked outside and said "Man it's cold out this morning." To you I say move to Winnipeg and then complain. I woke up this morning only to learn that it is -50 Celisus (thats with the windchill)

Bitch... Bitch.. Cold... Bitch


Edain said...

Wow! I thought we had it bad with -39 with windchill. Keep warm hun!

sage said...


I love California.. It's like Spring here already!

Best of LUck on staying WARM!!

Many Blessings~

Anonymous said...

Yah..remind me why we live here again?

Shirl said...

Brrrrrrr.... too cold for me! I'm staying in my little old island called the UK, thanks! ... :0)