Tuesday 30 December 2008

Resolutions and The Pagan Bloggers Network

So since I've posted my resolutions this morning I've had two more requests from people to join the Pagan Bloggers Network. This would bring the number up to 65, to double that would now mean a 130 members by the end of the year. My question to all of my readers is do I have to double the number based on the number of members when I set my goal or do I have to double it based on the Number of blogs listed as of midnight Dec 31st.

I'll leave it up to you the readers, so please make your opinions known by commenting...

1 comment:

Shirl said...

Doubling it to the amount of members you had when you posted about it would be fair.

However, you do it, doubling membership is a wonderful goal ... :0)

Shirl x