Tuesday 30 December 2008

The New Calender Year

So many blogs this time of year are busy posting how they don't believe in making resolutions. I've tried the not making resolution thing. In fact I even went so far as to resolve not to make any more resolutions for a number of years. The more I did that the more I realized I missing out on something important, an arbitrary date on the calender when the rest of the world tries to change things about themselves. How could I pass up this wonderful opportunity any longer, am a witch and am all about weilding the power of change in my own life.

So this year I am making some resolutions and I encourage all my fellow Witches, Wiccan, and pagans to do the same. After all the power of change is in the air the world over and who are we not to make use of this global awareness and raised energy level. So post your resolutions to the world and share your thoughts, plans and goals. I'll go in to more detail on each of them over the next few days for now I just want an overview.

1) My Physical Self:

Last year I started on a path towards weight loss, when I realized I had raisen to the unhealthy weight of 398.2 pounds. Between December 24th and some time in June I brought that weight load down to 360 poinds. Then everything went out the window and life slow returned to what it was before I started working on the weight loss. I weighed myself last night and I'm now sitting at 393.5 and that is going to change.

2) Financial Control:

I spend far to much money on whims and from time to time I find myself wondering where it all went. This year we'll be keeping better track, making a few changes to the way money is spent and the way it comes and goes from our bank account. The plan isn't so much about changing the way we spend as much as it is about controling and being more aware of how we spend. In the end I wouldn't be surprised if we see this change letting us spend more on the fun things in life.

3) Writing Time:

Over the past couple of years the time I spend writing has become more and more important to me and more valueable in opinion. I've started writing a monthly column that will be appearing on a Pagan Website. More details on that when the first column is out to the public which should be in just a few days I believe. My Nano project this year I honestly believe has a lot of potential as a publishable novel so I'll be slaving away on that over the next few months as well. Lastly you may have noticed a new regularity of posts here on Between the Ticks, with new posts daily since Yule. That will be continueing as well.

4) My Spiritual Self:

Growing my level of activity in both my local community as well as outside of that in the greater virtual community. It sounds a little weird but it makes sense to me basically what it comes down to is becoming more active. There are not many hard and fast guidelines am putting on this but here are the things I do have in mind.
  • Question of the Week, followed by a challenge will continue on Communitas Paganus
  • Double the size of the Pagan Bloggers Network
  • Regular Episodes of the Magical Earth Quadcast.
  • Continue reading a craft book every couple of months (Funny how writing time eats in to reading time.)
There are a few other things that fall in to this catagory but I'm just not sharing them as they are more personal, or secrecy is more of a factor with them.

Well there you have it my plans or resolutions for the new calender year. I've posted them, I've shared them with the world at large and now I work towards them. More on them in upcoming blogs for now I have to get ready for work.


DarklyFey said...

I'm with you on using the date in a magical way in terms of will, but resolutions just don't work for me. I'm a very rebellious girl. :) I've picked a theme instead, and that's working well already! However we chose to evolve over the coming year, I wish us all success in our endeavours! :)

Speaking of the pagan bloggers network, how did I not know about this? Where do I get more info?

Shirl said...

Good luck with your aspirations for 2009 ... :0)

Health, Happiness and Abundance are the 3 that feature in ours.

Blessings, Shirl x