Friday 14 November 2008

A bit of a logic puzzle

I'm working on my NANOwrimo project and the portion am writing at the moment looks at and discusses how seasons can effect our celebration of the holidays as pagans. In writing I came to an interesting realization. What follows is a excerpt from "Questions of Faith"

The globe offers pagans an interesting dynamic and problem at the same time. While have the world celebrates or grieves the death of a God at Samhain. The other side of the globe is dancing around a May pole and celebrating the conception of that same God. It makes for an interesting contradiction and offers up a real life paradox not unlike one a time traveller in a Science Fiction novel might face. The world is truly a place that is not a place and a time that is not a time apparently

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Nydia said...

It's all a matter of balance. I know that some people here in Brazil follow the North Wheel of the Year, but it makes no sense to me. The changing seasons are important to me, and I just couldn't celebrate Litha in any other time but December, even with Christmas ads on tv all the time (that is more a cultural and family tradition in my case). It's not the kind of contradition that would worry me!