Wednesday 24 September 2008

The Magical Earth

So I've been hinting about a new project for the past couple of months almost entitled The Magical Earth. Well just two days ago the project went out in to the real world and is not there for all of you to listen to and become fans of. The Magical Earth is a Pagan podcast host by myself, my wife and two of our best friends.

The first episode explains abit about our intent for the show and includes part one of an interview with well known medium Vickie Eaton.

So swing by and visit us at

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Anonymous said...

Hey (this is Stefany/zombiewriter from nano!)! You have a new blog now! x3 Im thinking of making a new one too. I'm still deciding. And im lazy. Go figure.

So whats new with you?

(PS. I had to sign in with my LJ account cause I forgot my password on here. Need to find it! >_<)