Friday 8 August 2008


I submitted the following as a letter to the Editor to the Winnipeg SUN

Why give them the power?

Groups like PETA and Westboro Baptist latch on to these horrible event to try and get their word out to the public. The media of the world eats it up and plays right in to their hands. In the end both groups have gotten what they wanted and it hasn't cost them a cent.

Take PETA recent attempt to purchase a 1 page ad in a few different papers. Instead of having to pay for an ad, The Winnipeg SUN ran it as third page news. They got out the message they wanted at no cost to them and other papers, and news shows picked up on it and spread the message even futher for them for FREE!

The Westboro group has a history of issueing press releases and not showing up. They are just after the attention and they are getting it in spades from the media and the public. Just turn down these nut jobs and don't give them what they want!

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