Tuesday 8 July 2008

National Celebration or Side walk sale

Ok yeah I know I’ve been quiet and hardly writing anything here, and to my readers I say am sorry. It is something I am going to be working on improving over the next couple of weeks. A few things in life have been keeping me busy, mainly learning a new department at work and working on a couple of new stories that have grabbed my attention.

On to the subject at hand National Celebrations, in Canada we have Canada Day on July 1st and in the US they Independence Day. So you can imagine it is something of a big deal around here for a lot of people or at least that was what I thought until this past Canada Day…

The day started off pretty quiet my wife had to work so my daughter and I hung out at the house and got a few things done. We really didn’t have any intention of going to any of the 3 big celebrations happening around town. Tamile my wife got off work decided to swing by and pick us up and that we should head down to the village and check things out and enjoy the celebration. Now for those of you who don’t know the village is a shopping district in Winnipeg that has traditionally held more of a counter culture feel to it. It was for a very long time felt to be a trendy and hip place to hang out.

On Canada day they would shut down the whole street to cars and use the whole area for a big celebration. They would have clowns, shows, music, face painters, a beer garden, more music and a few little stalls of things selling things that we in some way related to Canada Day. That was how it once was now it’s changed. This year it felt like I was walking through a big market or side walk sale. The only way I knew it was a Canada day Celebration and not just a side walk sale, was when the crowd cheered as a trumpet player blared out Oh Canada before his band started playing. Beyond that it felt like it was just a great big sidewalk sale. Nothing beats shilling out crappy products while pretending to do it in the name of our country.

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Jason Cobill said...

Nothing professes your patriotism like buying Discount Bart Simpson Refrigerator Magnets! :)

I was disappointed there wasn't more cancon in the concert venues. Good for you, Metal Band, for playing yet another American cover song. Wooo, Canada Day.