Wednesday 25 June 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I don't normally take part in Wordless Wednesday's but I've been mean too and today seemed like a good place to start.

My youngest daughter graduates from High School this evening. Kind of a scarey fact in itself, but it gets even worse when I think about everything that she still has to look forward to in life. There are so many choices, so many options, and so many paths left to be explored.

I may not be graduating but the same thing that worries me for her is also true for myself and everyone reading this blog... To all of you I say good luck.


Nydia said...

Congratulations to your daugher! Thisis a big step in her life! can relate to whatyou say... Every single thing that shows me my little son is growing up has this bittersweet taste. It's part of lfe and part of this adventure called life. Bu would't be great if we all could live inside a redome?? LOL Nah... Imagine all the things we would miss. Your daughter will do fine in her life. She wil have her share of happiness, fear, wonder, sadness, thrilling, laughter, just like all of us. Just breath in, breath out. You're doing a great job with her, I think. Thanks for the lovely post.
Kisses frm Nydia.
PS: Thanks also for you kind words on my Yule post as well, I'm honored.

Snap Catch said...

fall season?!!! Cool catch for WW mine's up too hope you can drop by.

Unknown said...

beautiful picture Come check out whats going on "Down de ocean" on my blog!

Have a great Wednesday!