Tuesday 27 May 2008

Waded in the Basement

So this past Sunday I was working away on Laundry and the next thing I knew I found myself wading about in the basement. A quick examination of the washing machine confirmed my worst fears and the washing machine was leaking from the bottom some where. This wasn't the first time it had happened so I quickly cleaned up the water and thanked the Goddess that nothing had been left on the ground in the water's path.

Like I said this wasn't the first time it happened last time around we were able to keep using it but only with smaller loads. Thankfully it was enough that we didn't have to replace at the time. Saddly however this time around we were not so lucky. So yesterday was spent doing some research online and getting a good idea of pricing and cost. We looked at some of the new models from places like Future Shop but the price was one them was restrictive. In the end I found a place online Elmwood Appliances right here in the city. It was a small local shop that had a well designed and up to date website that gave us a lot of information to make decisions.

In the end the own even cut Tamile a deal because she brought up the website and threw in delevery.

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