Thursday 29 May 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Summer Musts

1.... Fire Pit Sundays
We have a fire pit in our back yard as am sure my regular readers
will know. Sunday is our Fire Day

2.... Bird's Hill Beach Sundays
There is a small provincial park just outside of town and we often
head out first thing in the morning and spend the morning in the
water playing about.

3.... The Winnipeg Fringe Fest
This is a relatively new passion for my family but its a great way
to see some plays and other productions. If you town has a fringe
festival you really should go.

4.... The Winnipeg Folk Fest
An even new thing for us is the weekend long music feastival.

5.... Walks in the Park
Nothing beats spending time walking in the park with family
friends and the dog.

6.... Riding the bike instead of Driving
Summer means riding the bikes when ever possible instead
of driving the car

7.... The Drive in
Oh wait they closed it. Apparently the 14 thousand members
of the save the driving face book group didn't realize. If you don't
spend money it will go away.

8.... BBQ
If I have to pick between cooking on the stove and cooking on the
BBQ the stove losses hands down.

9.... Yard Work
As much as I dislike it some days it is important and does get
me outside, which I do like.

10.... Frisbee in the Park
Just throwing anything around in the park is a wonderful way to
kill some time.

11.... Growing Herbs
This is something I've never tried but hope to get a chance this

12.... Writing in the Sun
I have a lap top and love nothing more then just sitting out in
the sun writing

13.... Doing anything in the Sun
Have you noticed a theme here, I am a Sun worshipper

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I haven't done music festivals since I lived in Wisconsin. I miss them. Sounds like you have a great summer lined up.