Saturday 31 May 2008

Raccoon Adventures

So Tamile and I headed out last night just before nine run a couple of errands and to pick up the tickets for Kung Fu Panda (Great movie by the way but more on that another time) after every thing was said and done we pulled in to our drive way and what do we see but this.


Sure the little bandit might be cute but there is no way I want it around my neighbourhood let alone my house. In the cities these things are nasty scavengers who often have rabies and nasty attitude. We had him trapped up in the tree and called animal control. They didn't have anyone who could come catch it and take it away. In the end we it came down and was chased away from the area.

It wasn't the nicest thing to do the raccoon but none of us wanted it coming back around or moving in to the little girls tree house a couple of doors down. So while we didn't do anything final to the little creature we did give it a good scare and chase it out of the area.

Here are the other two pictures we took of it.



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