Tuesday 13 May 2008

The God Delusion By Richard Dawkins - Closing thoughts

So despite how much am enjoying the new book and really want to write about it I felt I had to offer some closure to the God Delusion. As I look back at the various topics it raised and thoughts it provoked I have to say am very glad that I read it and would recommend it to others as a book to read as well.

As someone who reads a fair amount of religious and spiritual books this was a drastic change for me. The majority of the book focused on Christianity and Islam after all they are the largest part of his target audience so it only seemed fair that they received the lion’s share of the attention. That being said he didn’t leave others out completely he did offer a few references to Zeus and his fellow Greeks. The closest he comes to touching on things like magic is a section on the power of prayer and some studies that were done on the subject.

Richard Dawkins offers up a well laid out argument against religion (any religion) through out the book. He builds on points that he as already made in the book and from time to time refers to points that he will be discussing later in the book. Any argument he that makes are also backed up by science or historical facts. So it makes it very difficult to dismiss or ignore any of points he brings up.

Through out the book a fair amount of devoted to the problems caused by being religious or by religious people. He also shines spot lights on the various and numerous inconsistency that dominant the Christian and Muslim. As I read often found myself having to remind myself of one of the tenants of my own practice, that being “I honour your god” It’s easy when you reading a book like this to forget that. After all if my worship is to be respected and accepted I must in turn accept theirs. (Shame this doesn’t work both ways for the most part)

I haven’t lost my faith after reading it, I have no desire to rush out and become a Humanist. My faith in the God and the Goddess is unshaken and strong as ever, what did leave me with was a much deeper understanding of the Christian faith. It also left me with a strange desire to stop at my local Christian book store and buy an Anti Wicca book just to give it a read.

So pick this book up and give it a read you will be glad that you did.

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