Sunday 13 April 2008

What a weekend

Wow it was a busy weekend.

Friday evening we did a little bit of shopping and then called it an early night. We had both been burning the candle at both ends for the past few days and needed to get some sleep.

Saturday was a much busier day ending with Tim and Mary's Wedding Social. but am getting ahead of myself. The day was spent doing some general house work and getting ready for 6 people having dinner with us before the Social. Dara arrived first about the middle of the afternoon, We sat around and watch the new Appleseed Ex Mechana. If you haven't seen the original Apple Seed anime I would strong suggest it. Wonderful story and great animation.

The social was like a high school reunion in many ways. Lots of people you rarely see, some of which your happy to see and others you would have been just as happy not to see. In end it was an amazing social, we all had a great time. If your not from Manitoba you might be wondering what a social is. Basically it is a big party at a hall with a DJ and various raffle prizes. It's normally done as fund raising event, in this case it was for Tim and Mary's wedding.

The only down side of the night was that at the end of the night we learned that some old friends who we had lost contact with had broken up.

Sunday was an early morning drive our to future site of a tire home in the country. Currently it has an amazing view, and a great collection of dirt hills. The day ended with a couple of firsts of the year. We had are first BBQ and also our first fire. mmmmmm Fire!!!

First Fire

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