Wednesday 23 April 2008

Weigh In

I've hit a wall a great big brick wall that I just haven't been able to sneak around, punch through, climb over or any of those of expressions. That wall is called "The 360lbs Mark" and it is so frustrating. I've increased my time in the Gym at work, I've been more active at home and around the yard since it has been warm out. Now on the other side of things it has been summer so my eating habits have gone down hill a little bit. I've been eating more off the BBQ (Burgers and Smokies) and even had a couple of slurpees.
Oh well in the end all I can really do is keep trying and keep working on it. In time I will push past it and get beyond the 360 lbs wall.
Weight Update + 2.1 lbs

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