Friday 8 February 2008

Writers Strike is OVER???

According to various news reports this morning the writer's strike is over. Saddly however according to the Writers Guild Website most recent strike update it is not.

2/4/08I would like to update you on where we stand with bargaining with the
AMPTP. While we have made important progress since the companies re-engaged
us in serious talks, negotiations continue. Regardless of what you hear or
read, there are many significant points that have yet to be worked

So lets say for a moment that things have changed in the past week, and that the website is not up to date. Just what does it mean to us as the audience if the strike is over? Now I am no expert on the industry but I do pay attention what has been going on and have a rough idea of what it takes to makes a tv show.

I think that even if they have got a contract up and working at this point we shouldn't expect new shows right away. First they have to write the new episodes, then they would have to film them and make any revisions to the scripts as they are filming. Then of course there is all the post production things that need to be done. So your looking at least 3 to 4 weeks to get the first new episode out. That is assuming that your rushing and not going for the same quality level they had before hand.

Also what about all the Reality TV crap that they have been producing and advertising. They have it all lined up, filmed and ready to go. Someone must be enjoying it and advertisers have paid for it so, so they won't just dump it. No matter how much they should.

So in the end I wouldn't expect all of your favorite shows to suddenly come back. In fact I would be willing to be that a number of them will wait until the spring so that they can do a full season. Or maybe just start a little bit earlier.

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