Thursday 10 January 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5

My thirteen favourite movies in order
In my list I have included series as if they were single movie. Since
many of them are or t least they share some amount of continuity.

  1. Oscar
    Alright I expect some comment on this being my #1 favourite
    but I love this movie. I laugh so hard every single time I watch it.
    I can be dead tied crawling in to bed and catch the start of it.
    Am out of bed in a flash to go watch it. I laugh so hard I cry in

  2. Star Wars the whole series
    No comment need

  3. Andromeda Strain
    A great story of what might happen

  4. V (The Mini Series & Final Battle)
    The only made for TV movie to make the list. Aliens arrive on
    earth offer everything we could possibly want. But of course
    there is a hidden price. A follow up book is scheduled to be
    released in February

  5. Harry Potter
    They have successfully made enjoyable movies out of a wonderful
    series of books without losing out on to much.

  6. Apple Seed
    The only true anime to make the list. The world is at war and
    has been for a long time. Out of that a new city arises from
    the ruins. But the leaders of the world, come to some less
    then ideal solutions.

  7. From the Hip
    Again a movie from my childhood. A lawyer and a friend fake
    a victory to get him a high profile job. Only have him land a
    really high profile murder case. In which his client has hired him
    based on his fake performance.

  8. Matrix (The Series)
    Live action Anime, at it's best.

  9. James Bond (The collection)
    This doesn't need any explanation, its 007

  10. Megaforce
    A horrible movie from my childhood. I was so excited to find a
    copy this paste year and when I watched it that night I loved
    every minute of it.

  11. What the Bleep do we know
    A powerful movie that can completely change the way you view
    the world and your place it in.

  12. 5th Element
    I have the track from the opera singer on my MP3 player and
    enjoy it every time I hear it. Also the scene between the monk
    and Zorg in his office is one to remember.

  13. Empire Records
    This is one of the few movies that my kids have both watched
    more times then I think I can count using all of our fingers and
    toes. Yet I still enjoy it each time I watch it.
    Damn the Man! and save the Empire!

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