Sunday 20 January 2008

The Shower Head

Ok its been a hugely busy and wonderful day. I won't go in to all the details of the day but I do want to touch on two highlights.

1) I joined a choir. You may remember from a post last week when I was tagged that I don't like singing in public. However after seeing how much my wife enjoyed it last time and her asking really nicely I decided I would try it out this season. Which runs from Jan thru to about May. It's called Spirits Call, I'll post more details about it as I get the chance and learn more.

2) We used the new shower head. OMFG!!!! It rocks!!!! Now my wife and I like to take showers together, its good for the environment and a nice couple thing to do as well. The problem was that well am 6'6" and tend to block all the water, so I was basically having to lean against the tiles so she could enjoy the water as well. Well as part of the bathroom renovation we've been doing, that's no long a problem. One of the things that we picked up is a 'Two in One shower head" it has a really nice feeling rain head and in the centre is a detachable handled shower head. The only down side to it was that it does seem to go through the water a little faster. Even that it was the best shower I've had in a while. Now we can both enjoy the water at the same time. If you like to shower with someone you love, go buy this head.

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