Wednesday 9 January 2008

Lost another one

Dear Will Smith

Will SmithI am not normal one to put down anyone religious beliefs, and figure that we are all entitled to believe whatever we want. So long as your belief in something does effect my ability to do what I want, why should it matter. All of that being said why Scientology Will WHY?

Did you see the horrible things it has done to your friends careers. Tom has been making crap since he came out as one. You used to make such good movies, please fight the power of Hubbard, and know the turth. He made it on a BET!

Will your cool, you used to Rap, you make good movies, you have human child and a great looking wife who looks happy. Its a great thing to help out your friend Tom and show him your support. But tom's going to become an anchor around your neck if you go down his path.

Your friend in watching films

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