Saturday 5 January 2008


This is kind of jumping back a couple of days and I’ve been debating if I wanted to post it or not. But here goes anyways, in the end it was something I wanted to share. A few days a ago I was on the phone with my mom and she informs me that my grandfather was in the hospital and had been for about 3 days or so. The first two of them were spent in the ICU unit. Apparently she thought it wasn’t important to tell me since there wasn’t anything I could do for him anyways. I was totally pissed and had some pretty harsh words for her when I heard.

The next day I was off, and had a ton of errands to run. I was grabbing a book from someone off of free cycle, I had some shopping that needed doing as well. Along the way I stopped in at the hospital for a quick visit. I the end I was there for about two and a half hours, it was am fairly certain the longest continuous conversation that the two of us had ever had. I honestly was expecting a dull conversation about nothing to deep.

In reality it was in fact a very interesting a deep conversation. We talked about a wide variety including abortion as birth control, family size, bowling, his own health, the health of my grandmother (whom I never get to speak. Now those topics on there own were interesting enough on there own. Not to mention a few of them where things that I had never heard him even mention let a lone talk about.

Those things were not even the oddest of subjects. It moved on to sex, not positions or how good of a lay my grandmother is. *shudders* We also talked about pre-martial sex. I was shocked to hear that he was pretty much of the opinion that if everyone was alright with it sex was a good thing. An opinion that I’m more than happy to agree with.

In the end it was a great couple of hours, and ones that I would be happy to spend with him over and over again. Looking a head I hope to find more opportunities to spend time with him like that. If you have grandparents, take the time to talk with them.

The last thing to say on the subject is as I wrote this I got an e-mail from my mom. Who apparently has learned her lesson and let me know that he was home safe.

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